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    Darrik Rand

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    Darrik Rand
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    Name: Darrik Rand
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Born on Kiffex, raised on Tatooine.
    Affiliation: Rebellion
    Rank: Captain of the Rising Suns IV

    Avatar: Robert Downey Jr
    Appearance: Darrik has a classic charm about his looks. His smile is just off enough to be endearing while his eyes relay more than a hint of mischievousness behind them. The eyes are a little more creased around the edges and show the life he's lived over the years, but they are still as vibrant as ever and their deep set, brown tone still has the ability to charm the ladies when the crew and he are in a bind.

    Even into his early forties the smuggler Captain stays in decent shape physically. This is in part to his irregular diet which Shay constantly badgers him about, and his healthy love life with Shay.

    Darrik stands in at one inch over six foot tall and weighs 175 pounds. His hair is best defined these days as salt and pepper, though by the day it trends more towards the salt than the pepper.

    Possessions: Owner/operator of the 'Rising Suns IV', Shay Lorah.

    Personality: Darrik is rather easy to understand in most regards, his needs simple. He wanted to be successful in his chosen profession of ship captain and he wanted to belong somewhere, to someone. That someone of course being Shay Lorah.

    His demeanor is often found to be easy going and simple, though when his buttons are pushed he can be as stubborn as they come. If he has a major personality flaw its that he wants what's best for his ship and once he makes up his mind its often very difficult to change it. Again many define that as stubborn but her prefers the term, dedicated and steadfast in his convictions.

    An ample sense of humor is also part of his personality. He enjoys a great practical joke, and can often be blamed as the source of any practical jokes on the Rising Sun IV.

    His most noted trait is his fierce loyalty. There's little he wouldn't do for his crew and nothing he wouldn't do for Shay. His crew and ship are his life, and that's how he lives.


    Darrik was born 41 years prior on the planet Kiffex. His parents, Tyla and [Only admins are allowed to see this link] were non-descript parents. His mother Tyla was the proverbial stay at home mom. In reality, and Darrik wouldn't realize this til later in life, Tyla was what was commonly known as a trophy wife. She was almost 20 years younger than his father who was a wealthy man. Though he didn't know it as a child but here wasn't much in the way of love between his mother and father. His father wanted the younger, hotter woman, and his mother loved the security and comfort that she was afforded due to his fathers wealth. It was not until years later when Baron divorced Tyla and married another woman who was even younger that Darrik realized the whole sordid truth.

    Baron was a weapons dealer, selling blasters to mercenary outfits across the galaxy and making millions doing so. Darrik rarely wanted for anything and when his brash and rebellious ways got him into trouble Baron's money always managed to buy his way out of it.

    As Darrik came to terms with his parents divorce, his fathers remarriage, and the birth of a sister some 15 years his junior he decided it was time to change his life in order to not be like his father. Rather than taking an interest in selling weapons, he took an interest in running weapons, as a smuggler.

    For a few years he mostly fantasized about running away, but when he was 17 he finally put a plan into motion. He 'stole' a ship from his fathers docks. It was a Firespray class vessel he named the Rising Suns, so named because he wanted to go to the wild and lawless planet of Tatooine. He'd heard stories of bounty hunters and gunslingers who ruled the near lawless planet and he thought that he could find a role there, a place to belong. Not one given to him like his father had always just given him things like ships and credits, but one he earned with his own guile and hard work.

    Darrik never made it as far as Tatooine though. He brought on a couple crew members on the planet Denon, one of which is still with him today,[Only admins are allowed to see this link], a jack of all trades but master of mechanics most of all. They began taking any and every job necessary to keep credits in their pocket. Gun running, hunt sabotaging, legit cargo transport, hired guns, it didn't matter, they took care of it.

    They carried on like this for a few years until some of Jerel's handy dandy mechanics skills managed to blow up a hyper-drive, leaving them stranded. Fortunately work had been good and they had pooled together enough credits to buy a replacement ship. Lacking originality the ship was named the Rising Suns II.


    Rising Suns III lasted all of 6 months before it was sabotaged with some dangerous cargo that got the ship and cargo seized.

    RS4 came into being about 15 years ago and has been the crews ship and home ever since.


    A few years ago as the crew was desperate for credits to keep their heads above water a rather prominent galactic citizen offered a 100,000 credit reward for anyone who could get to a shipment of weapons, of all things, and get them to a Rebel cell on the planet Paqualis III within 48 hours. Darrik and his crew raced for shipment he arrived hours too late. Another crew was there, loading the shipment before Darrik could even plead his case for being the team to take it on to Paqualis III.

    Darrik tried to cut a deal with the rival captain, but couldn't get past the pilot, a lean and pretty brunette named Shay Lorah.

    She both excited and incensed Darrik and when he lost his own pilot there was only one person he wanted to fill that seat, Shay. For weeks he pursued her until she relented and joined his crew.

    When Darrik was 38 he met a woman who would prove to be his equal, Shay Lorah.

    She joined the crew as pilot and co-captain.

    Sex sex sex, love love love. Etc etc etc.

    Sample RP:

    NPC's: Various ship crew.

    The Writer behind the Character:
    Name: The mail usually comes to Occupant or Resident.
    Contacts: I prefer glasses and board PM.
    How I found the board: I was here when the big bang occurred.

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