A Murder of One - Backstory Chapter 1


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    A Murder of One - Backstory Chapter 1

    Post  Joseph on Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:18 am

    It happened so slowly and so seamlessly and so effortlessly that it was almost impossible to say exactly when the change had happened. It was like the sand and silt at the bottom of the river being whisked away by the water over the years. No one could pinpoint the moment the river became deeper, they just knew it wasn't what they remembered. The same could be said of the change from the Republic to the Empire, or the senate to the Emperor.

    No one could pinpoint a day as the day the Republic died, but it was dead now and most citizens of the galaxy didn't even know it had happened. In its place was the Empire, a powerful government designed to protect and lead its citizens, to keep them in line, to allow them to know no harm.

    This Empire was led not by a Senate like the Republic had been, but an Emperor named Antares Voss. He was a man to some, and monster to others, but regarldless of ones opinion of him, he was the very foundation upon which the galactic civil war was built. 

    Antares was born on Kuat, a planet noted for building ships and outfitting the galaxy in the latest technological advances, but from day one he was destined for bigger things. He was destined to change the galaxy, for better or for worse. At the age of 31 he was elected to represent Kuat in the Galactic senate as representative for Kuat. After a short time the planet went to war, which was not at all uncommon for two neighboring planets and using his natural skills for public speaking and problem solving he manages to broker peace between the two planets.

    His ability to soothe the masses caught the eye of senate leaders and he was placed on a committee to discuss matters of war throughout the galaxy. It was here that he truly began to shine and separate himself from the rest. He was involved in several successful negotiations of peace and upon those successes his confidence and renown only grew.

    • Upon his election to the senate at the age of 31 he began to climb the ladder, gaining power and influence as he went. His first major foray into the galactic stage came

    I'm thinking some kind of war, minor conflict, or skirmish of some sort that he maybe negotiates out of somehow. Also thinking maybe he's a planetary governor who perhaps puts down an uprising on his planet, quashes a civil war between his planet and another one?

    This instills confidence in him and he ends up a part of a senate appointed committee to discuss matters of war through the galaxy.

    • Emperor XXX uses charm to get to the top

    After he sits on the committee for a couple years he is appointed leader. From this position of influence he begins to play planets against one another, in particular he does so with alien planets against human planets. Inciting skirmishes behind the scenes to plant the seeds of hate between humans and aliens.

    From there he works behind the scenes to set up an attack on a primarily human world of Carida, which was the republics primary military institution. It was a ballsy and brazen attack perpetrated by the planet

    • Disbands the senate

    • declares himself emperor

    End chapter 1

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